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My Vision is to have a world devoid of evil, where the only rule is Love, where we are not wasteful, where we are caring, where we share, where the greater good is more important than egos of men, where hope faith and love is all we stand for.

I am a believer in spirituality, not religious, but spiritual. for we are all spirit before flesh. We are here for a higher calling. Much greater than us. Who are we and what are we worth in this 7 billion year old Universe? our lifetime (70 years) is a spec of sand on the beach, If we do not give ourselves for Love and all its purity (2 Corinthians 13:4-7, 2 John 4:16-17), then what more can we give? The Answer, Nothing: Love after all Matters The Most.

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Hey, Meet me here in Africa, The Land Of Love, Beautiful Sunsets and Unending Smiles, King Julien’s little Place is over here too….. Email me or just find me wherever, I am Love, and so are you. If You Love, Then you find me, i find you….its all in the spirit Bra, all in the spirit….